Sam Lor

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Sam is a second year student at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary.

“This past summer, Chaplain in Schools (CiS) gave me the opportunity to serve the Lord through the Center for Urban Teaching (CfUT). CfUT is a non-profit, faith-based organization that was founded to improve urban education in Milwaukee and other big cities by training teachers, particularly through summer school. My job this summer was three-fold: Teachers, Students, and Parents. I led devotions and worked closely with the summer school teachers so that they could stay mentally and spiritually healthy. I led devotions and taught Bible classes with the students. I also made phone calls to all the parents in the two summer school sites that I served. While there were three parts to my job, there is really only one goal: to preach the Gospel. Regardless of whom I served, CiS gave me the opportunity to be a missionary to those who may not be as familiar with our loving God.”

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