Blessings as you get your hearts ready to celebrate the birth of Jesus!

God has continued to bless the ministry of Chaplains in Schools. The most recent blessing was on Aaron, a scholar at Shining Star, and his family as they were baptized. The blessing started when the school chaplain, Pastor Paul Steinberg, taught a Word of God class in the 5th grade classroom. During the lesson, baptism came up and Aaron was one of the scholars that asked for more information and how he could be baptized. Pastor Steinberg then followed up with a phone call home and lined up the baptism. After talking with Aaron’s mom, she requested that in addition to Aaron, his older brother, sister and cousin be baptized. God worked on the heart of that family through baptism and will continue to do so through Bible study.
The other students in that classroom that asked to be baptized like Aaron have not been forgotten. Through phone calls contacts have been made and two special baptismal services will be offered on Friday, January 12th as part of a school chapel service and also Sunday, January 14th at Chaplains in Schools second outreach worship service at HOPE Fidelis at 11 am.
If you are close enough to visit, please contact Pastor Steinberg and get the details. You are welcome to celebrate with these families.
Something else you may want to visit if you live close enough are the special scholar Christmas programs. HOPE Fidelis has a Christmas Concert on Wednesday, December 20th at 5:30 PM and Shining Star has its program 10 am that same day. Come and see these children of God celebrate the birth of the Son of God. It will also be a big day for Pastor Steinberg to be able to connect with the families.
Christmas blessings to all of you!

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