Chaplain Interns Training at CfUT this Summer

Center for Urban Teaching

7 chaplain interns will be getting experience working with the 16 Center for Urban Teaching summers schools around Milwaukee. 6 interns are from Milwaukee including two students from Martin Luther College (both Wisconsin Lutheran High School graduates), 1 from Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary, 1 from HOPE High School and 3 individuals pursuing ministry as a second career.

This will be the first year that the Center for Urban Teaching summer schools will feature chaplains. Dr. Paul Steinberg, the Executive Director for Chaplains in Schools, will be the overseer of all the summer school programs and interns. He will mentor the interns and give them opportunities to do real ministry for real families.

Interns will be able to shepherd CfUT staff and families, lead large group devotions, teach word of God lessons in classrooms, pray for families, reach out to families, learn urban teaching techniques and how to interact in a school ministry setting. The end goal is that these interns will be more equipped to serve wherever the Lord might use them — but especially perhaps in a school ministry setting in Milwaukee.

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