Baptizing Scholars!

Easter 2017

This Easter, Pastor Paul Steinberg baptized 4 scholars from HOPE:Prima at an outreach service and made connection with their families. Scholars ranged from K4 to 8th grade.

For the past six years, Pastor Steinberg has held a similar outreach service at HOPE:Prima, 26th & North Avenue, but this year it was as part of Chaplains in Schools.  He will now follow up with the families and invite them to continue to grow in faith by Bible study.

In addition to the four scholars that were baptized, there were also eight other scholars that indicated they wanted to be baptized but did not have a church. Pastor Steinberg is contacting these families to line up baptism at a time that is convenient for them.

There will soon be more baptisms on the way as after a year of receiving Jesus at HOPE:Fidelis the scholars learned two Bible stories in a row that involved baptism: The Philip and the Ethiopian & Saul Becomes a Believer. After learning those two stories, scholars flooded their teachers with questions. Those teachers invited Pastor Steinberg to talk to their classrooms about baptisms. So many scholars had not been baptized but were interested that he sent home a note to be returned if parents were interested.

By Thursday, May 11, 20 sheets were returned indicating the interest of 25 scholars and 3 adults to be baptized. Those who are able to make it will be invited to be baptized on Friday, May 26, at 8:15 as part of the final chapel of the school year.

All are invited to attend!

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