49 Baptized at HOPE:Fidelis

49 individuals were baptized in HOPE:Fidelis’ chapel on Friday, May 26, 2017.  This was the biggest event epitomizing the success of a pilot year of ministry.

The first official year of Chaplains in Schools began July 1, 2016 when Pastor Paul Steinberg began serving staff, scholars and families at HOPE:Fidelis with 40% of his time.  During the course of the year many scholars and families were reached with the message of Christ and responded positively.  25 different families made up the 49 baptized including 4 parents and 1 teenage sibling.

Pastor Steinberg will begin July 1st as the full time Executive Director of Chaplains in Schools and build upon the connections made.  There are an additional 23 requests for baptisms that were not able to be scheduled for the 26th and will be scheduled in the future.  Beginning and Advanced Discipleship classes will be offered Tuesdays when the school year begins next fall to help families build on what was received in baptism.

Pastor Steinberg will also begin reaching out one day per week as Chaplain at Shining Star School on 94th and Capitol bringing the total number of children to be served next year to over 500.

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