To disciple for Christ the families of scholars attending schools where there is no active family ministry.

2/3 of students have no church connection

According to research, two-thirds of students who attend Christian voucher schools have families with little to no church connection.

Approximately 2500 scholars and 6000 family members have been identified as needing a faith community.

Chaplains in Schools understands the best practices to spread the Gospel through a Christian school community.

Thank You! Because of your generous donations, in 2018/2019 Chaplains in Schools . . .



had 1 full-time chaplain, 3 part-time chaplains, and 12 chaplain interns to share the gospel in Christian voucher schools and summer schools.



served 1400 scholars during the school year


served 1800 summer school scholars in 2018



in 5 schools


in 18 summer school sites.



baptized 184 scholars, parents, and siblings since 2016

We don’t want to stop there. Our goals for 2019/2020 are:

1 full-time and 4 part-time chaplains along with 8 chaplain interns
2 Schools served during the school year and 20 summer school sites
500 Scholars served during the school year and 2,000 during summer school
100 total baptisms

Our vision for 2026:

3 full-time and 4 part-time Chaplain and 12 Chaplain interns
10 schools served during the school year
3,000 scholars served during the school year
1,000 Baptisms

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